Aillio Bullet R1 Coffee roaster


  • The Aillio bullet R1 is coming to Australia one day (some day). As of March 2018, we are still without an ETA, so please do not call asking for extra information. We have none!
  • We will provide updates via this page and our social networking feeds as soon as we have a confirmed Australian launch date. 

The R1 is a true drum roaster. The Bullet employs a 5.9L, 2.8KG steel drum which is electrically heated via induction. Pre-heat the drum to a set temperature and pour in green beans.

Temperature probes in the beans and on the drum monitor the roast progress, and a powerful fan in the rear controls and airflow that takes out smoke and chaff produced during roasting. The roaster will interface via bluetooth or USB to Windows and Mac and a smart phone interface is promised.

Whilst it’s very new technology. The Aillio promises much for the home roaster seeking the next step.

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