Anfim (ECA) KS


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The Anfim KS was produced to offer a high quality alternative to those wanting an attractive doserless grinder on a small footprint.

Dosing with the KS is a one hand operation- turn the grinder on with the rocker switch on the side and then simply push against the grinder lever to dose on demand. Grind consistency is excellent with minimal clumping and almost no static.

The KS doserless grinder is an excellent match to all stainless steel espresso machines and a great choice for tight domestic spaces. Factor around 25 seconds to grind a double dose.

Aspects you may wish to consider

Great build quality and finishMore expensive than competitor grinders
Compact- well suited to tight spacesSome variation in stepped adjustment of grind size
Doser variant (Best) could sweep more cleanly

Vital Statistics
Power consumption225W
Burr Size58 mm planar
Burr Speed1345 rpm @ 50Hz
Hopper capacity290g
Doser capacityn/a
Dimensions (w x d x h cm)16.5 x 30.5 x 43.5

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