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Talk Coffee is the appointed Victorian and Tasmanian agent of Coffee Roasters Australia for Has Garanti Roasters.

Has Garanti coffee roasters combines’ traditional design with tried and proven roast technology. Since 1954, Has Garanti has been at the forefront of coffee roasting manufacturing and is one of the most popular coffee roasting brands in Australia. The Has Garanti shop roasting range is manufactured from the same quality materials used in their industrial range to ensure an equally great result if roasting in a shop environment. If you are looking for value for money, strong in store presence and a reliability that will last for many years then this range should be at the top of your list.

This roaster can also be combined with Coffee Sweet Roast Profiling Technology or an Afterburner if required.

Has Garanti roasters can have a lead time for delivery of 2 weeks-3 months. Contact us for availability information

10kg roaster specifications:

  • Batch Capacity: 500g – 10kg
  • Heating Source: Gas, natural or LPG
  • Burner Type: Direct or Hot Air
  • Power: 15AMP 1 PHASE
  • Max Heat Output: 73MJ/HR
  • Weight: 357kg
  • Dimensions: 185cm X 74cm X 158cm

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