Macap M2M





Tax time reductions on this great entry level grinder- but only while stocks last!

We have 1 x chrome (2017 stock with stepped adjustment and plastic portafilter rest) and 1 x black (2018 stock metal portafilter rest and stepped adjustment). Photos displayed represent the actual models for sale.

The Macap M2M is a terrific entry level grinder for kitchens with tight spaces and users seeking grind on demand doserless simplicity. Grind size is set using a stepped adjustment, but the steps are small and quite manageable)

Just set the grind, push against the tongue and you’re away! The Macap M2M is available in black, white or chrome.

Aspects you may wish to consider Macap M2M

Great build quality and excellent value for moneyStepped grind adjustment- but small steps
Compact- well suited to tight spacesWith Rocket Espresso machines, portafilter spouts force an angled fill of the portafilter. Use a naked portafilter or you can remove the portafilter rest from the grinder easily
Colour options- chrome, black, white
Doses very cleanly from stainless spout.

Vital Statistics Macap M2M
Power consumption150W
Burr Size50 mm planar
Burr Speed1400 rpm @ 50Hz
Hopper capacity250gm
Doser capacityn/a
Dimensions (w x d x h cm)16 x 25 x 38

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