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This hugely impressive grinder is the flagship of the Macap semi-professional range.

Particle size is set via an accurate micrometric adjustment and grind time is adjustable in 5/100th second increments with the choice of three user preset dose sizes or continuous (manual grind) if preferred. This grinder is very fast with a grind time of around 10.5 sec/double dose. Grind size is adjustable via a highly accurate worm drive.

While pricing is similar to the Mazzer Mini-Electronic (25+ second double dose) which we don’t sell due to poor value for money, this grinder actually outperforms the Mazzer Super Jolly-Electronic (13 second double dose).

For the convenience of set and forget at a great price point, no grinder comes close to the Macap M4D.

Aspects you may wish to consider

Great build quality and excellent value for moneyM4D dregs tray- plastic and a little low rent
Wonderful grind adjustment interface allows for 3 pre-set doses and continuous dose
Colour options- mirror finish chrome or black
Super accurate adjustment of grind and dose and Super fast. 10 sec doubles for the M4D, 6 seconds for the MXD and <5sec for the M7DWorm drive delivers accuracy, but large changes in particle size are slow

Vital Statistics
Power consumption250W
Burr Size58mm planar
Burr Speed1400 rpm @ 50Hz
Hopper capacitycirca 500g
Doser capacityn/a
Dimensions (w x d x h) cm19 x 31 x 43

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5 comments on “Macap M4D
  1. Todd says:

    Nice grinder looks great with the Izzo, still dialing it in.. impressed all round.

    Looks great & works great and at a nice price, also much quicker than the old unit.

    Delivered to Western Australia in under a week, very happy.

    Thanks Talk Coffee always a pleasure.

  2. Andrew Blake says:

    Extremely impressed with this grinder. The performance and build quality are very good. I Have noticed a huge difference in espresso quality over my old grinder and appreciate the ease of adjustment and accurate timed dosing.

    Thanks for your sound advice and terrific service Talk Coffee.

  3. John says:

    A very accurate, consistent and sophisticated grinder that’s built like a tank.

    Easy to dial in and easy to set up for timed dosing. Micrometric adjustment allows for incredible fine tuning.

    Thanks again to Chris for excellent advice and service

  4. Shane Bleakley says:

    A well built, good looking grinder that once dialled in produces consistent grinds with little clumping. The default factory setting is very fine so needed a bit of adjustment to get a good espresso grind.
    Great value grinder for the money.

  5. Grant Watt says:

    I have had this now for almost one year and it is time to comment.

    First of all it looks great in the kitchen with an extremely high quality and well thought out finish, looking fantastic in chrome.

    It is built like a tank so I am confident this machine will last decades.

    The grinding mechanism is extremely precise with a worm drive allowing very precise adjustment of the grind.

    This is close to a perfect grinder for espresso in my opinion. I had a Rocky previously which was also a great grinder but I feel that this is a step up.

    It is also very fast completing a double basket shot in about 10 seconds and the timer makes it a bit easier too. I top it off using the continuous mode.

    The tray could be a bit bigger but it is a minor quibble as the small size and easy removal for cleaning is a positive also.

    Overall it is the overwhelming grinding precision, looks and overall impression of quality and longevity that makes this a five star grinder.

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