Mazzer Major Electronic

$2,300.00 $1,900.00



This is the middle level café grinder as produced by Mazzer and it incorporates Mazzer’s stepless micrometrical grind adjustment for the perfect grind.

The Major Electronic is a doserless grinder and adds grind on demand as well as the ability to set grind time for single and double shots.

Aspects you may wish to consider

Great build quality and good value for money. Mazzer is the industry standard. Glacially slow mini-e variant offers very poor value and we cannot recommend it over the Macap M4D
Good, easy to set interface offers 2 x preset and continuous grind for accurate grind and doseMany competitors now offer superior functionality
Colour options- many variants available in black, silver or polished aluminium
High quality stainless dregs trays are a bonus!

Vital Statistics
Power consumption650W
Burr Size83mm planar
Burr Speed1400 rpm @ 50Hz
Hopper capacity1.8kg
Doser capacityn/a


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