Proaster industrial 30-120kg roaster


Talk Coffee is the appointed Victorian and Tasmanian agent of Coffee Roasters Australia for Has Garanti Roasters.

The PROASTER industrial line is the ultimate plant roasting system. With all steps of the process controlled through the PLC touchscreen, this system is second to none in terms of production efficiency. This line of roasting equipment represents great value and comes with all the connecting flues making installation quicker and more precise. This is a CAD designed system utilising the most modern of manufacturing processes to ensure a precision piece of equipment. The advantage of this system is realised as a full roasting plant with loader, destoner and afterburner, all controlled at the one vantage point with automatic entry and exit points for the coffee. The 60kg and 120kg systems offer a full recirculating heat system using full modulating burners to ensure maximum heating efficiency and control of roast parameters. Cooling only takes 3 minutes with NO water quenching in the process. For the ultimate coffee roasting plant look no further. When moving into industrial set-ups Coffee Roasters Australia will design a package specifically for your needs on our behalf. If you would like to know more about this product and pricing please Contact us for further information.  

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