Final Rocket Espresso Giotto PID V3

One comment on “Final Rocket Espresso Giotto PID V3
  1. David Abbott says:

    I went to Talk Coffee expecting to buy a Sunbeam 6910 or a Rancilio Silvia.

    After spending two hours with Chris I came out with a Rocket Giotto and far, far more knowledge of coffee and espresso machines. At the time buying a Rocket Giotto seemed like a wicked extravagance.

    Now, some year later, when I make the morning coffee for my wife and myself I am so glad that I bought this machine. It makes superb coffee, far better than that made by other machines that friends have. Even those costing the same or more.

    If you like a good coffee then a Rocket Giotto should be a very short list. Any money you spend will be soon made up for by drinking great coffees at home. And a quality machine like this will last for many years.

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