The Great Leveller Tamper




Atticus Finch called the court system “the Great Leveller”, because it allows everyone an equal opportunity.  When it comes to coffee, this is the Great Leveller!  It allows the barista to consistently tamp coffee grounds for a predictable, great shot every time.

The geometry and mechanics assist in making a great coffee quickly.  The coffee is levelled by pressing the handle down, and polished by turning the handle clockwise.  Waste is minimised.  The simple actions assist the barista’s productivity and increase efficiency and most importantly, consistency, in a busy cafe. The Great Leveller can be adjusted and customised to suit your specific dosage quantity once this is determined, it can be locked for a consistent level tamp every time.

The Great Leveller removes human error and takes the variability out of tamping.  58mm tamp size.

Take a look at this ingenious tools in action! Here’s how it works:


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