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  • Improved tank sensor design
  • Extra cost special order (2 month lead time) option of stainless steel internal tubing to replace teflon
  • OEM Naked portafilter is now standard ($150 value)
  • Quality 58mm tamper ($70 value)
  • We include 2 x 480g fresh roast specialty coffee and backwash detergent to get you started ($60 value)
  • Complimentary acetal handle upgrade valued at $200
  • 10% discount on your choice of accessories (discount coupon at checkout)

The Vesuvius is a pressure profiling dual boiler market machine produced by ACS. This innovative company is striving to change home espresso forever. This machine incorporates ground breaking technology never before seen in a prosumer machine in that five different pressure profiled extractions are available via the touchpad PID interface. The user determines preinfusion time and then how extraction pressure will be managed during the shot.

The PID display shows real time temperature, pressure, water level and a host of other information. Whilst many manufacturers lock down their PIDs, this manufacturer encourages experimentation. A Vesuvius owners web forum welcomes all and is a treasure trove of great information.

When on backorder, this machine a $2500 deposit upon order is required with the balance payable when the machine is ready to ship. Lead times vary from 2 weeks to 2 months.

Innovative in high end domestic espresso is the use of a compact gear pump as used in the La Marzocco Strada EP. This expensive precision component allows for plumbed or tank operation and is far superior to vibratory or rotary pumps in this application. The gear pump is light and sophisticated leading to machine of about 20kg which is a service technician’s dream. Internals are brilliantly laid out and very simple ot access and work on.

The PID display provides the following information:

First row top:

  • pump pressure, which displays real time changes during the extraction
  • steam boiler temperature in °C
  • steam boiler pressure in bar

Second row:
Pre-set profile as chosen by the operator

Third sector:

  • Reservoir water level min-max on a 3 increment scale. When there is no water in reservoir, the display turns red, but allows the last coffee shot to be completed if this is in progress
  • 2 function time function (time when machine in standby, shot timer when machine during espresso production)
  • Coffee boiler temperature °C
  • Coffee boiler gauge (3 level scale)

The user has control over display language, display colour, temperature units and there are 5 adjustable profiles with 7 extraction time/pressure pump steps.

Users can also set PID parameters as desired. The machine can be switched on and off twice per day via the inbuilt timer and an ECO mode can also be set. There is so much more!

The Vesuvius offers incredible functionality- well beyond that of very expensive commercial machines and never before seen in the prosumer market. It has the potential to produce coffee of a quality that few cafes can even aspire to.

A wide range of accessories for this machine are available from our e-shop

Aspects you may wish to consider

Easy fill via hinged left side panelPlumb connection direct to inlet solenoid. Can initially be fiddly to install
All functions of machine controlled by touch pad
Incredible shot quality. An enthusiast's delight
Cool touch wands and excellent steam tip
Set 2 x on/off cycles for each day
Clean, minimalist design and superb finish and build quality

Vital Statistics
Boiler CapacitySteam 1.5L, Brew 0.8L (both stainless steel)
Fresh Water Tank2.7L (2.9L to brim)
Voltage230V 50Hz
Power consumptionBrew 800W, steam 1300W
Dimensions (W x D x H)approx 368 x 495 x 415 mm
WeightApprox 19kg

1 review for ACS Vesuvius V2

  1. 5 out of 5

    I have had the Vesuvius for a week now, and cannot express how enamoured I am with it. It is sleek in design, classy and beautiful, and most importantly it routinely makes the greatest espresso you will EVER taste.

    On my first morning with it I poured 2 shots that were without a doubt some of the best I have ever had, and since then the coffee has only improved as the Vesuvius and I have become more familiar.

    Pressure profiling DOES make a difference in the cup, need to emphasise fruits, you can do it, want a thicker, creamier, more velvety body, you can do it. Prefer your shots more/less acidic, its all up to you. This machine is the future of espresso, and it is head and shoulders above anything else on the prosumer market (at least in my love struck opinion).

    The option of saving 5 profiles means you can come back and experiment where you left off, or choose to just have a lazy day and work with what you know produces something wonderful.

    I could not recommend the Vesuvius enough, it has quite honestly changed my previously conceived notions of what the limits of coffee could be.

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