What’s the perfect Niche for a home grinder?

Whenever anyone chooses espresso gear, it’s always a box of compromise.

With coffee grinders, it’s much the same. For the home user who cares about quality in the cup, it’s either an appliance grinder or a commercial grinder.  Neither is really perfect for the prosumer.

The appliance grinders are generally disappointing and almost universally suffer from one or more of:

  • slow and noisy
  • substantially plastic
  • poor grind quality
  • sub-standard longevity

Commercial grinders are designed for cafes. They are also boxes of compromise:

  • big and generally faster
  • commercial design (often not too pretty)
  • can be noisy
  • messy dosing
  • significant retention of grinds requiring a purge before use

So what if there was a better idea for home?

  • zero or close to zero retention
  • quick but quiet
  • offer brilliant grind quality
  • single dose: no beans going stale in a hopper
  • easy to adjust for all home use
  • beautiful on your bench

We’re excited to say it’s coming!

A UK based company headed by Martin Nicholson (Niche Coffee) has just launched the Niche Zero Coffee grinder as an Indiegogo crowdfunding project and we’re backing it. We think this will be the perfect grinder for many home users and we can’t wait to see ours. It’s due for release in mid-2018 and ours will be on display for those who would like to see and  sample it. We have little doubt that this grinder will will be a game changer! Have a read of a review by Dave Corby if you’d like to learn more.

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