COVID-19 and how we’re working with it

Updated 27 July

Can I visit you? Yes!

  • If you feel sick for any reason, please do not visit us! Have a COVID test and choose a delivery option for your purchase.
  • Check-in on arrival is compulsory if you wish to enter the roastery. If this is an issue for you, we totally respect your decision to shop elsewhere
  • Please sanitise on arrival.
  • Please don’t touch anything without our invitation. We need to sanitise after you.
  • Observe social distancing requirements at all times.
  • Masks are compulsory. If you choose not to wear one or are not prepared to wear one correctly, we will also respect your decision to shop elsewhere.
  • Brief demonstrations/viewings are again available ONLY by prior arrangement. Request an appointment time here and we’ll respond to your request with a meeting invite for a mutually suitable time.

Click and collect or delivery?

  • Click and then collect during our advertised trading hours We’ll send a confirmation email once your order is ready. If you have not received an email, it means your order is not yet ready. Check your spam- just in case…
  • Order online and let Australia Post or Sendle do the work for you.

Delivery arrangements for coffee and chocolate purchases: Australia wide:

  • Spend $75 on coffee/chocolate for complimentary regular post.

Espresso equipment purchases:

  • 15 minute no touch viewing sessions/demonstrations are available via appointment only (Maximum 2 people and please leave your children at home for your meeting). Request an appointment time here. We’ll do our best to fit in with you and respond to your request with a meeting invite for a mutually suitable time.
  • Phone/Video meeting

Coffee packaging:

Hygiene is king. We continue to sanitise working surfaces, our hands and use best practice when we pack your coffee.

Airscape status is RED– Please hold onto your Airscape containers until such time as we have 10 days of zero community transmission. We packing all beans into compostable bags

If/when we can use Airscape, all canisters will be washed by us and sanitised prior to refilling. Clients will be free to elect to have their own Airscape containers refilled.

  • Please remove the label and then wash all components of your Airscape container in hot water and detergent (or your dishwasher) prior to return to us for refilling
  • We will reject any Airscape containers which have not been thoroughly washed prior to return. If we’re not happy with it for any reason, it goes back home with you. It’s for your safety, and ours. Sorry, but no excuses.


  • On-site training services are currently not available. Training will again be available once we have 10 days of zero community transmission.
  • If you have purchased a machine and grinder package, we can dial in your grinder for you to ensure that your shots will be good.  We’re also happy to observe you for 30 minutes in a video conference should you prefer.
  • For those with new equipment, Charles Skadiang of Melbourne Coffee academy offers some terrific training options.
  • Our website FAQ also provides useful resources including videos to get you started.

Espresso equipment service:

As per normal practise, please book your service via our service webpage. This will ensure that we know you are coming with all the right bits and that you understand our charges and scope of works.

It’s in everyone’s best interests:

Do the right thing and we’ll get to keep our freedoms…

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