COVID-19 and how we’re working with it

Most recent update Monday 30 March- The provision of coffee is considered an essential service, so we are allowed to continue to work for you….for the time being.

In light of the rapidly developing COVID-19 situation, Talk Coffee has introduced significant changes to how we work, how you can purchase and your access to the roastery.

Coffee packaging:

Hygiene is king. We continue to sanitise working surfaces, our hands and use fresh, single use gloves when we pack your coffee.

For the time being, we are reverting to conventional packaging. For those clients using our Airscape system, please keep your canisters in your home and use them to transfer your coffee into. They do keep it fresher than foil. Sadly, compostable bags are again unavailable in Australia so for this reason, we are back to foil. We will revert to compostable bags should they become available during this period. As a result of less expensive packaging, most online per kilo prices have reduced slightly.

Coffee, chocolate and accessory purchases: Spend $60 on coffee/chocolate for complimentary post. If you only need a small quantity, why not buddy up with a mate and share the free freight?

How/when can I purchase?

  1. Stay home
  2. Please stay home!
  3. Place your order online and we’ll post or road freight it to you.
    We cannot offer public access to the roastery now, so all purchases must occur online.
    We really do want you to stay home. 

Espresso equipment purchases:

The Monday 30th March update to social distancing laws means that for equipment purchases,  it’s now necessary for you arrange a phone or video consultation. When people come together, transmission is facilitated and as the rate of infection increases, so does your risk- as well as ours. We have dismantled our demo bench and will restore it once our collective lives return to normal.

Click and collect for espresso machinery is available ONLY for purchases above $1000. Order online and leave a note with your order indicating that you wish to collect your gear in person. If you’re settling your account via direct credit, we’ll send an amended invoice for you to pay. If you’re using PayPal or a card, we’ll refund the freight component to your account.


We regret that all on-site training services are suspended until further notice. If you have purchased a machine, we’re happy to observe you in a Zoom meeting to provide you with some tips. Our website FAQ also provides useful resources including videos to get you started.

Espresso equipment service:

As per normal practise, please book your service via our service webpage. Drop-off and collection of serviced machines will now be strictly by arrangement only. On arrival, you can bring your equipment to our door or we will come to your car and collect it with your completed service authorisation form. Again, we will ask that you maintain social distancing separation. Should you forget your form, we can provide one, but you will require your own biro to complete it. Once your service works are complete, we’ll email an invoice for you to settle along with collection arrangements. External surfaces of your equipment will be sanitised prior to you collecting it. When you arrive, we will return your equipment to your car for you to take home.

It’s in everyone’s best interests:

Ultimately, if we all stay stay healthy, you get coffee, great gear and time to enjoy it! We’re all in this together.

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