#isoroasting Kaffelogic style

So much of the world has been in lockdown as COVID-19 changes our lives. Some lucky countries including we Aussies are just beginning to emerge from torpor as we resume some sort of new order.

One of the good aspects about lockdown has been the opportunity to slow down, reflect and revisit some lost home loves. Cooking, baking, smoking, curing….coffee roasting.

Until recently, many home roasters may have looked for the capacity to roast a week’s coffee in one session. Why?

Home roasting roasting can be fiddly, smoky, time-consuming and messy. Many home roasters “set-up” outside so as to manage chaff and smoke. What if there was an easier way where you could pop on your dinner, enjoy it with a glass of wine, sit down for some giggle-box entertainment and while you’re doing that roast your coffee for tomorrow or perhaps later in the week? You can- and you can do it efficiently and with near zero mess. Enter the Kaffeelogic Nano 7 roaster. This thing is ridiculously easy to use!

So how do you drive it?

Like to know more? Download a copy of the Kaffelogic Nano 7 user manual.

Is it well built?

We have the luxury of an electronics engineer who brings a myriad of technical skills to our business. He’s blown away by the genius of the build…”It’s really, really well engineered”.

But it’s pretty exxy?

Yes/No. Yes, it will cost you about $1600 to play, however…Let’s say you need 500g a week…

  • Do it commercially at $40 (cheap for anything good) and we’re talking just over $2k every year…
  • 1 x Kaffelogic and 30kg green beans? You have change from $2k and you break even in under a year. Even at 250g/week, you’re square in two years. Satisfaction level? Priceless.
  • There are cheaper, really messy, far less controllable souped up toaster ovens and other gear, but they really don’t give you any (or anything much in the way of) repeatable control over how you roast and the precision of the result. This is true roast profiling- like the pros use.

How much can I roast? 

This little powerhouse is good out of the box for 90 to 120g green coffee. Play a little with fan speed and you can roast down to 50-60g for commercial sample roasting.

For home users, it can be as simple as power up your Kaffelogic near your range hood, pour in your green beans, push a button for your desired roast intensity, sit down with a with a glass of wine and empty 100g of your freshly roasted beans into your chosen storage to use tomorrow morning. You might do this two or more times a week as required. Most households use 250-500g per week, so this whole process is really easy and you don’t even have to babysit it- unless of course you want to…

Like to tinker?

You sure can. The Kaffelogic is a profiling roaster. What this means is that you have full control over the way that your beans roast and how dark they will be. As you learn more, this roaster allows you to play with roasting curves to embrace the myriad of cup results which can be produced from a single supply of green coffee beans. The Kaffelogic Roasters Companion is a resource which will allow you to take full manual control of your roast.

I’m commercial. Could I use this as a sample roaster?

Absolutely. The Kaffelogic Roasters Companion will show you how. It also speaks Artisan and Cropster.

Where do I go to find like-minded individuals?

Online exists a forum named The Kaffeelogic Community. There you will fine a rich resource of material and profiles to play with.

What’s the software and interface like?

At present, you can download Mac and Windows versions of the software interface: Kaffeelogic studio from the Kaffelogic support page. This software allows you to load a profile via USB and play with it. Your chosen profile can then be uploaded onto your Kaffeelogic via that same USB. The software doesn’t presently offer the same real-time functionality as the Ikawa for example, but the home version of an Ikawa is over $2.5k and their Pro version is triple that. The inventors of Kaffeelogic have big plans…. Watch this space!

What’s coming?

Will there be a day where your Kaffelogic speaks directly to your computer, tablet or phone? There may well be…

What do the real world users think?

Watch a home user do it..

Brit based Dave Corby is where many manufacturers go for unbiased, real warts and all evaluation and feedback of their gear. He has had a hand in the development of some terrific prosumer coffee gear. Watch him play…

Can I see it in action?

  • Sure can. We have it on demo. Come roast with us and take some home to try.


As a professional roaster, I am so lucky to have a variety of options:

  • Kaffeelogic
  • Ikawa Pro V3
  • Aillio Bullet V2
  • 15kg Phantom roaster

I am finding that when I need to quickly and conveniently roast a sample or two, I use the Kaffelogic. When I need some decaf for home and we’ve run out, I use the Kaffelogic. When a new batch of greens arrive and I want to see how they might work as espresso or filter coffee- I use the Kaffelogic. This is one terrific little roaster.

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  1. jtlawton says:

    I’ve had one for about a year now and agree it is a great little roaster for someone like me who wants to tinker occasionally with a roast level but mainly blend beans after roasting. Great chaff removal and very even roasts. Highly recommended!

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