Let me count the ways….

We’re three weeks in now and I’m calling it.

In my opinion, the Etzinger etzMAX Medium W is the best powered grinder currently available for the top end home market… Cafes are going to want it and its forthcoming Heavy sibling too.


I’ve seen pretty much everything in grinders and tried many of them at home with varying degrees of satisfaction. When you try to upskill a grinder that was designed for a cafe into the domestic environment, there are inevitable compromises of which size, retention and mess are the majors.

My (most likely incomplete) list of  grinders used at home includes:

  • A whole heap of decidedly average entry level conicals made by a variety of companies post 1990
  • Rancilio Rocky
  • Mazzer mini doser
  • Mazzer mini-electronic
  • Compak K10
  • Mazzer Super Jolly Electronic
  • Mazzer Kony Electronic
  • Macap M7D
  • Compak F10
  • Compak E10
  • Macap M4D
  • Rocket Fausto
  • Eureka Atom 60
  • Niche Zero
  • A stack of great (real) hand grinders: OE, Comandante, Hiku (all of which are brilliant travellers and occasional use grinders)
  • And now, an Etzinger etzMAX medium W

There is no grinder currently on the market which gives me more pleasure to use than my etzMAX.

  • It’s incredibly clean: We’re talking under a teaspoon of ground coffee in the vicinity of the grinder in 3 weeks of typical home use. I’m leaving the grinds to accumulate, because I want to see how long it takes to leave volume of the mess around the grinder that I would have cleaned every couple of days. We’re still not there yet! For cafes, this grinder will deliver profit as wasted coffee amounts to decreased income.
  • It’s super quick: Yes- 5g/sec in real, espresso use (currently 22g into a triple).
  • It’s quiet too.
  • It’s so easy to clean: Did I mention how easy it is to clean?
  • It looks great: Subjective I know, but it’s so nice to see something which is not yet another variation on a cylinder or cone. With the short hopper, it’s circa 400mm tall.
  • Deadly accurate: I’d say 95% of the time, we’re talking bang on or within 0.1g of the requested grind weight. 4% within 0.2g and so far, a single 0.3g deviation. Small adjustments in particle size can tasted, but not seen. To prove it’s in the cup, out with the scales to confirm weight out and grab the refractometer.
  • Clever hopper: Close off the hopper and grind what’s actually sitting in the throat of the grinder and you’ll get about 5g of waste. Use the single dosing (optional) tool/hopper and any retention is almost impossible to measure. I can blow and brush out about 0.2g if I try really hard.

But what about the others?

I have used many/most of them. HG-1, Versalab and so many other commercial grinders, I could never list them- but the etzMAX is the grinder I want at home. I’m keeping the Niche for occasional filter and manual method use.

We have an etzMAX in use at the warehouse too (and another coming). I really don’t want to work with anything else these days.

So, I love it. We are witnessing a renaissance. If you have a top end grinder at home, it’s time to sell it. My etzMAX is currently playing with a Slayer, but it will soon be old meets new when a beautiful restored, heavily souped up Faema President graces the home bench. I can’t wait to experiment with these two very unlikely partners and 6Bar shots!

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