100% Single origin Amazon Cocoa 1kg



This deep red cocoa is special stuff.

This cocoa is produced in the Amazon by a cooperative of small landholders, each of whom hold fewer than 5 hectares of land. Supporting these farmers helps contribute to the prevention of deforestation of large parcels of land which are burned and then converted into very low density cattle grazing and monoculture planting such as palm oil.

The landholders plant under the natural tree canopy and pick only when ripe. This contributes to the quality of the Cacao and ultimately provides you with a high-quality, sustainable and ethical product.

We buy this product in bulk, enabling very fair pricing for an extremely high quality product. The farmers who produce it are paid well above “the odds” to help sustain them and reward them for amazing quality.

To make a fantastic hot chocolate, try it in a 2:1 ratio with your preferred sweetener (if desired). It’s really rich and dark and coats the palate superbly. We love it!


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