15-30kg Afterburner


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This afterburner is designed to cater for roasters with a batch limit between 15kg-30kg and features stainless steel construction with 50mm fire proof insulation.

Standard setup features an on off burner configuration with an upgrdade option for a two stage burner.

The afterburners comes with a control box and valve train compliant to Type B gas standards. All documentation is supplied with the equipment for the appropriate submissions to the local gas authority.

The design can be modified to suit certain installations and with a turnaround time of around 4-5 weeks so why wait months and overpay for something from overseas.


  • ECOFLAM Low Nox On/Off Burner (options for hi/low, please enquire)
  • LPG or NAT Configuration
  • Exhaust inlet standard 150mm (adjustable to suit various roasters)
  • 250mm Combustion Chamber Outlet
  • 304 S/Steel Constructions with 50mm Insulation
  • Stand mount for easy installation. Colour black or option to choose stand colour
  • Control Box with 2 x Temperature Controllers and T/Couples. 1 for chamber control and 1 for overtemperature.
  • Wiring and Valve Train schematics supplied as well as draft Type B submission documentation.
  • Flues additional if required. We can design and integrate the cooling exhaust into the system to treat all emissions (recommended).
  • On request can supply a letter to local council on emission specifications


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