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  • Includes full bench test, 2 x 480g fresh roast specialty coffee and backwash detergent. 
  • Save 5% on a wide range of grinders and 10% off most accessories when packaged with this machine. Coupons at checkout
  • Settle your account via cash/direct transfer and we add a complimentary e-61 naked portafilter ($75)

This machine is a new entry level e-61 Dual Boiler from ACS and we’re blown away by the incredible internal build quality. This is a stunning machine and it offers amazing bang for buck.

A comprehensive review of the Minima can be found here

It offers PID, attractive corner style body which offers no compromise performance in applications where available space may be tight.

  • Dimensions: 270mm x 380 mm x 440mm (WxHxD).
  • Weight 21 Kg (25kg in carton)
  • Max power 2250 watts @ 230V with simultaneous heating of both boilers
  • Steam boiler AISI 316L 2.3 litres stainless steel 1200W
  • Brew boiler AISI 316L 0.8 litres, stainless steel 1000W
  • Tank 2.6 litres
  • Solenoid actuated e-61 group
  • PID control with display and manometer with single scale ( brew pressure ), automatic boiler fill, shot timer and LSP (last shot protection) which allows for completion of the the shot even once low water level is reported.

1 review for Heavily reduced ACS Minima. Limited stock!

  1. Geoff Squire

    After a couple of weeks with the Minima, it’s a great little machine! It pulls a very nice shot, good steam and overall rock solid performance with minimal bells and whistles. I think it represents great value for a dual boiler, especially in such a kitchen friendly size.

    The design is certainly different, but the angled panel means you have plenty of working space around the group head and steam/water taps. It also helps the machine to feel even more compact on the bench than it already is. The inverted-U steam wand looping over the water tap looks odd, but it allows you to steam on the left (over the drip tray) or right (over the bench) of the tap, and will fit even very large jugs. Fit and finish is fine, though clearly one place where they reduced costs, more utilitarian than beautiful. Materials and construction appear to be good quality though.

    My only nitpicks so far are the odd shape of the plastic drip tray makes emptying it a little awkward (a trade off for the extra workspace) and mine came with a white plastic handle for the water tank lid, not black as pictured, so it sticks out like a sore thumb.

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