Anfim SP II on demand




Precision, balance and flavour are key elements Anfim seek when manufacturing their grinders. The SP II models now feature a stepless grind adjustment which enables the barista to make fine incremental changes to the precise setting they need to produce the flavours developed during the roasting process.

Built for high volume coffee shops, the SPII exhibits quality and efficiency – cup by cup for a perfectly clean taste. Customised Titanium coated 75mm burrs offer a low wear rate for longevity.

The powerful dual fan system stabilises the internal temperatures while under the constant demand of rush periods.The stepless grind adjustment and the user-friendly software with a precise timer, adjustable by steps of 1/10 of a second ensures consistent and exact dosing necessary for a constant pour time and perfect taste in the cup.

The Start/Stop automatic activation switch for the portafilter makes it easy to use the grinder hands free. The SP-II Special Performance is the perfect solution in busy environment.

ANFIM grinding for clean, balanced flavours for internationally award winning cup quality.

  • Dual fan and separation of the burr chamber and motor to minimise heat within a busy environment.
  • 75 mm SP Titanium burr set operating at low 650 rpm for longevity and clarity of the espresso.
  • Stepless grind adjustment with infinite micrometric changes
  • SP II On-Demand
  • Stepless grind adjustment, hands-free actuator
  • user-friendly software with a precise timer, adjustable steps of 1/10 of a second ensiurng consistent dosing

Vital Statistics
Power consumption720W
Burr Size75 mm titanium planar
Burr Speed650 rpm @ 50Hz
Hopper capacity2.00kg
Recommended volumeup to 6kg/day
Grind time (espresso)7g in 2.2 sec
Dimensions (w x d x h cm)19.5 x 37.0 x 57.5
Weight20kg (21.5kg boxed)