AquaCafe S900 P5 Reverse Osmosis sytem

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Finally! A small remineralised RO system suited to cafes and homes where there is no option other than Reverse Osmosis water. We sell these at trade price.

The AquaCafé S900 offers protection from limescale forming calcium manganese salts.

Reverse Osmosis delivers a secure reduction in the level of chlorides that are relentless in the pitting of stainless steel and the life of your equipment and low maintenance cost are the beneficiaries. Effective pretreatment of the water prior to entering the reverse osmosis membrane is provided. This critical process is essential for membrane protection and optimises production performance. The S900 employs two-stage post treatment re-mineralisation to adjust conductivity and minimise corrosion.

The S900 AquaCafé incorporates a high capacity pump but operates on 24V power with an automatic flushing system. These features improve production reliability and production of up to 900 litres per day of excellent quality water is possible.

This system has been chemically engineered specifically for the coffee and food industry. The AquaCafé guards against the harmful and costly accumulation of limescale and chloride pitting to espresso machines and their boilers. The S900 AquaCafé is compact and unintrusive within the frequently cramped space available in commercial kitchens. The system can be suspended from a wall fitting and the tank size can be varied according to the specific operating environment.

The inexpensive and effective set of four (4) cartridges that require a six monthly maintenance change and the RO membrane should provide a 2-3 year life. In comparison with the cost and occupational hazards of de-scaling, the S900 is the intelligent option.

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