Bean Go Cube


An innovative roaster/sample roaster for the home enthusiast or small cafe/coffee cart (eta TBA- electrical certification is not complete)

The Bean Go Cube is a self-loading and dumping home or small sample roaster which offers full smartphone control and exceptional filtration of smoke and smell.

It’s versatile and will be available in two versions which will monitor bean crack and also *bean colour if desired using a microphone and camera to assess colour (*luxury model)

Features and Technical Specifications

    • Available in Luxury model (microphone) or Professional (microphone and camera)
    • 297 x 450 x 440 mm (w x d x h)
    • Weight: Approx 20kg.
    • Batch capacity 100-450g
    • Heat source: Medium wave IR lamp
    • 1200W AC 220-240 V  50 Hz
    • Automatic preheat, bean loading, roasting, and cooling
    • Manual control of power, fan speed and drum speed
    • Crack sound detection via inbuilt microphone
    • Colour detection via  Built-in camera with LED Illumination (in professional model)
    • Australian certification in progress


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