Blend for the Firies 2020 500g

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Roasted Monday 20 January

Liked Yuletide blend and really regret that you didn’t get more? Perhaps you missed out completely. Here’s your opportunity.

Each year in December we roast Yuletide blend and it always sells out. In January, people often ask “Any more Yuletide blend left?” to which we reply “Next Christmas…”.

This is turbocharged rerun of Yuletide Blend Platinum which goes only to our nearest and dearest. You need the secret password to secure this particular blend. Here’s your opportunity to grab a bag if you missed out and to do something for a mate you never met.

 All proceeds will be going towards the CFA and Brigades donations fund and we’ll publish the receipt via our social networking feed once we’ve donated

This blend contains our top (high 80s – mid 90 point) washed and natural process green beans from Brazil (Brazil Cup of Excellence #9), Peru (Cafe Feminino FT Organic), Indonesia (Sumatra Blue Bianca) and Yemen (Yemen Mocha Haimi Microlot). We received so much amazing “Best coffee I have ever had” feedback on this blend- which was hugely appreciated.

This blend is roasted prior to 2nd crack to preserve the fruit whilst maintaining great espresso body and it cups with low-moderate acidity, chocolate, spice and  dried pudding fruits. This coffee received incredible feedback and it made for a stupidly indulgent blend!

Drink it as you like it from day 5 after roast. 12 bags only and first in, first served.



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