Bolivia Sol de La Mañana, Caranavi Juana Mamani washed 500g


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Roasted April 01

A tiny quantity of this coffee came to Australia We managed to secure 1 x 30kg bag.

Juana Mamani is a first-generation coffee farmer. She bought her six-hectare coffee farm when she was just 16 years old after working nearby on her sister’s farm for five years – long enough to save up to buy her own plot. At 23 she went on to win second place in Bolivia’s Cup of Excellence 2007 with a score of 90.78.

Juana and Juan are members of one of the most influential coffee farming families in Bolivia. Mamani is a very common name throughout Bolivia, but in this case, we refer to family members Mauricio, Nolberto, René, and of course, Juana and Juan.

  • Grading: High specialty
  • Notes: Nutty, candied citrus and ripe apple with developed sugars and long, toffee-like finish.
  • Body: Rich and syrupy
  • Acidity: mid
  • Drink: from day 3 filter, day 7 espresso




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