Brazil Sítio Santa Terazinha Experimental Carbonic Maceration microlot CM 120 500g


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TC Extreme beans now on general rotation
Roasting 24 September

Rich plum, cascara and date fruit move to soft green melon and banana. Smooth silky body leaves a coating mouthfeel finish with chocolate and nutty notes. We’re roasting this one for filter/fruity espresso. You will need a dual boiler to get the best from it. Try 96 deg. C.

Last year, Tom Bennett, of one of our favourite suppliers went to Brazil to spend some time with producers.

On this trip, Tom participated in the Q-Processing Course. He was based in the Mantiqueira mountains of Minas Gerais, where he was able to work with Father and Son duo, Mr Sebastião and Mr Helisson Afonso da Silva on their small farm Sítio Santa Terazinha. While he was there, he was able to create a coffee through experimental fermentation.

Taking the day’s harvest, they washed and segregated the best cherry. To this, they added farm grown mangoes, oranges, sugarcane, mint, passionfruit and cinnamon to the coffee cherries. The fermentation started at around 28 BRIX and pH 6.6 and was held at 20 degrees Celsius in airtight oxygen-free barrels (otherwise known as Carbonic Maceration). The fermentation inside the barrels lasted 96 hours and the coffee was laid to rest on drying patios protected by a greenhouse. The resultant BRIX within the coffee was 22 at a pH of 5.4. The coffee took three weeks to slowly dry before being rested inside grain-pro lined super sacks on the farm for several weeks.

From this project, just three precious bags of this hand-crafted microlot came to Australia and we are so excited to have been allocated two. You will be lucky to see this wonderful coffee anywhere else.


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