Brazil Young Futures Bruno Henrique Yellow Catuai microlot 500g


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Roasted 26 November

This is a terrific Brazil!

Bruno Henrique is as 16 year-old producer and part of the Minas Hill Coffee Young Futures project to encourage the next generation of coffee producers.

Bruno’s parents started growing coffee in 1997 on a very small farm called Nossa Senhora Aparecida and his interest started to bloom when is mother brought him to coffee events and seminars. That’s when he learned about specialty coffee and took the initiative to apply new concepts and processing methods to their coffee production.

  • Grading: High specialty
  • Notes: vanilla, caramel, milk chocolate, subtle stone fruit
  • Body: mid-heavy
  • Acidity: mid
    Roast: milk/espresso
  • Drink: from day 7



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