Cascara: Honduras Capacucas FT Organic 200g


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What’s Cascara you say?

Cascara is the fruit of the coffee cherry which is then dried and can be made into an amazing fruit tea- which tastes nothing like coffee!

Until very recently, it’s been impossible to purchase in Australia, but our supplier has finally satisfied the customs gods and we have this amazing product for you to try. This one is produced from washed FairTrade, Organic Honduras coffee and is packed in 200g lots as this quantity fills a 500g coffee bag.

This Cascara reminds us of a really good Darjeeling tea. It’s all fruit, fragrance and has wonderful hibiscus notes.

Caffeine you ask? When left to steep for a prolonged period, you may get up to 25% of the caffeine of a regular cup, but it’s not pleasant that way. Keep the steep shorter and you get more flavour, a cleaner cup and much less caffeine as well.

We use water just off the boil and a heaped teaspoon per cup. Give it 2-3 minutes of steep time. A French Press is perfect for Cascara.

Quantities are very limited, but we have more coming. If you haven’t tried it, you must!



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