Colombia Finca La Granada Pink Bourbon microlot 500g Father v Son


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Roasting: to order

We love stories like this. Two generations of the same family take the same rare Pink Bourbon from the same plantation and have their way with them. We get to try the results and we have cupped these as being worthy of our Extreme Beans rating.

So, the story?

Finca La Granada is a small 2 hectare farm devoted to Pink Bourbon founded by Gabriel Castaño.

The father: Gabriel selected a small lot of the finest cherries and processed them with a prolonged 120 hour fermentation followed by 15 days of drying on parabolic dryers. The resulting cup has tea-like and floral notes for a super-refined drinking experience.

The son: Yefferson Javier Castaño Motta is the youngest of Gabriel’s six children. He has also chosen a 120 hour fermentation and the beans were dried for 20-30 days to deliver chocolate cake, baking spices and passionfruit.

Our part?

We roast these coffees on the same profile to deliver fruity espresso/filter. It isn’t as easy as just replicating a profile in that the moisture content of one coffee is 10.2% whereas the other 1s a little over 11.2%. We compensate with heat settings to achieve a very similar profile curve and the same roast time.

Your role?

Try them against each other if you wish and choose your personal fave. If you are going espresso and have a dual boiler, try 95.5 deg.

Drink from day 14 (espresso) day 2 (filter)


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