Compak K3 Touch Advanced




The Compak K3 Touch is a terrific entry level grinder for the enthusiast who is looking for micrometric adjustment and grind on demand simplicity. Just set the grind, push against the tongue and you’re away!

For those who prefer a timed grind, this grinder allows the user to set the the grind time for a push on the grinder tongue to deliver a single dose. A double push will deliver a double dose. The timer has now been relocated from under the base of the grinder to the front of the grinder for far superior usability.

Unique features of this model:

  • time adjustable dose- single or double
  • can be run manual (push function) or automatic (touch function)

Common features of the Professional gourmet series:

  • stepless micrometric grind adjustment
  • 290g gourmet hopper

This grinder is available in matte black and matte white.

Aspects you may wish to consider

Great build quality and excellent valueSome users find the doser fork a little too close to the doser (especially K3 variant)
All variants will accept 280g gourmet hopper. Great for home useDoser spout in plastic can be more prone to static than that of stainless doser soputs
Doser sweeps very clean and is easily adjusted

Vital Statistics
Power consumption300W
Burr Size54 mm planar
Burr Speed1300 rpm @ 50Hz
Hopper capacity400g
Doser capacityn/a
Dimensions (w x d x h cm)13 x 33.5 x 38.5


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