Compak PKR100 Electronic


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The  PKR-100 features 100mm burrs and a 800-watt motor and a portafilter holder built onto a load cell mounted to the front of the grinder. The 80mm flat burrs turn at a low of 350rpm minimising heat transfer to the beans.

The load cell converts the downward force of a portafilter into an electrical signal in the manner of a hanging scale, and then computes the data from there.  By placing the portafilter into the holder, Compak’s onboard system converts the downward force of a portafilter into an electrical signal, automatically tares its weight and then dispenses the user-designated dose accurately to within tenths of a gram.

A new high precision linear actuator grind adjustment allows for the most precise grind point adjustment control on the market. The exclusive new design is four times more precise than the PKRs closest competitor and particle size control is attainable at an accuracy level previously never possible. The rotary clump crusher and ground distribution needle is constantly on the go for a more consistent extraction by distributing the coffee grinds evenly into the portafilter basket

Set your hands free with the new ergonomic and heavy duty universal portafilter allowing the barista to improve workflow and efficiency

The PKR is available in matte black

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