Crem One – Dual boiler PID vibration pump 2B PID


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  • Crem One espresso machines are sold out in Australia for 2020. ETA new stocks March 2021
  • Includes full bench test, 500g fresh roast specialty coffee and backwash detergent. 
  • Save 10% off most accessories when packaged with this machine. Use tendiscount as your discount code at checkout

Crem One Dual Boiler vibration pump with PID (Model 2B Dual)

This model replaces the Expobar Minore IV.

Download a copy of the Crem One brochure


• 2B PID dual (1.7L+1.2L)
• Vibration pump
• E-61 group head
• Cool touch wands
• 1/2 turn knobs
• Smart drip tray
• Auto Water tank & mains connection
• OLED Display with 4 buttons
• Internal USB port for firmware upgrades
• Barista Kit Pro comprising: 7, 14 and 18g baskets, cleaning brush, cleaning tablets, blind metal filter, flat metallic tamper, extra steam tip 3 hole, milk jug 300ml, 1 x double narrow spout portafilter.


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