Crem One – Dual boiler Rotary pump with gradual soft preinfusion 2B R-GSP Dual


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  • Includes full bench test, 500g fresh roast specialty coffee and backwash detergent. 
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Crem One Dual Boiler Rotary pump PID GSP (Gradual Soft Pre-infusion) Model 2B R-GSP Dual

This model offers flexible but accurate pre-infusion times to improve extraction rates.

From 0-20 seconds, the pre-infusion parameters are easily adjustable from the OLED display. Pressure is gradually increased up to the desired brewing pressure.

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  • 2B PID (1.7L+1.2L)
  • Rotary pump
  • Gradual Soft pre infusion (GSP)
  • E-61 group head
  • Double Manometer
  • ½ turn knobs
  • Smart drip tray
  • Auto Water tank & mains connection
  • OLED Display with 4 buttons
  • Internal USB port
  •  Internal USB port for firmware upgrades
  • Barista Kit Pro comprising: 7, 14 and 18g baskets, cleaning brush, cleaning tablets, blind metal filter, flat metallic tamper, extra steam tip 3 hole, milk jug 300ml, 1 x double narrow spout portafilter.


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