Decaf 97% Peru Organic- Sugar cane process 500g

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Sugar cane decaffeination is a “natural process” which uses ethanol (alcohol) and ethyl acetate (a chemical which is produced when vinegar is mixed with alcohol) produced in the sugar fermentation process. Typically, about 97% of caffeine is removed in this process. Residual ethyl acetate concentrations are about 70ppm and this evaporates off at about 70 deg. C in the roasting process. In comparison, a ripe banana contains ethyl acetate at a concentration of around 200ppm.

Our decaf policy has aways been that the coffee must be great and sugar cane decaffeination produces an excellent quality coffee which you will find really difficult to distinguish from regular caffeinated coffee. If you are hyper sensitive to caffeine, we would recommend you choose our Swiss Water Process Decaf where over 99% of the caffeine is removed.

In the cup, you will find orange sweets with excellent body body leading to a caramel and chocolate finish. This one was fantastic under milk and also delivered a very good espresso.

Drink as you choose from immediately after roast.

What is sugar cane decaf?

  • Green coffee is received, sorted, and prepared for processing.
  • Coffee is steamed for 30 minutes prior to decaffeination.
  • The low-pressure steaming process opens the pores of the coffee, allowing for caffeine extraction.
  • Coffee is placed in a solution of water and Ethyl Acetate (E.A.), a naturally occuring compound and solvent derived through the fermentation of sugarcane.
  • Green coffee is submerged in the solvent, which naturally bonds to the salts of chlorogenic acids within the coffee, allowing for the extraction of caffeine.
  • Once the coffee is saturated, the tank is drained and fresh solution is introduced. This continues for about 8 hours.
  • After the last of the caffeine has been extracted, the coffee is removed from the solution and prepped for another steaming.
  • A final low-pressure steaming removes the remaining traces of E.A.
  • Decaffeinated coffee is then dried and packaged for export.




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