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Robusta has a bad name in Australia. We’re here to prove that great robusta can definitely make for great coffee.

This 50/50 blend of Brazil natural and a terrific India robusta will take you to that Italian bar, but when you use quality bean stock, you get something smooth and special. We roast it to the beginning of second crack, so it’s our darkest roast.

This is not one for before bed. In fact we won’t be drinking it after midday. It’s definitely going to get your heart started, but then a defibrillator will do that for you!

  • Grading: High specialty- blend
  • Notes: dark chocolate, caramel, crema monster! Italian character, high caffeine
  • Body: full
  • Acidity: low-mid
  • Roast: Milk/strong espresso
  • Drink: from day 15


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