ESP-1 Electrostatic FIlter System 25kg/hr


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  • Hourly capacity: 25KG
  • Inlet diameter: 125mm DIA
  • Suits: Most 5-10kg  roasters 

This filter system is an alternative to afterburners for handling the emissions from a coffee roaster. The running costs are lower as no gas is required. Installation is easier as there are not the requirements for gas* certification for the system.

This filter system features:

  • Electrostatic Filter Cabinet – for treating smoke 98% efficient
  • Carbon Block Filter Cabinet – for treating odours
  • Buffer Box – for drawing in cooler air to reduce the emissions temperature before entering the filter system
  • Inlet Reducer 125DIA – to allow for connection to the coffee roaster (smaller reducers can be made, please specify when ordering)
  • Outlet Reducer 200DIA – to allow for connection to the extraction fan
  • Extraction Fan – This fan is essential for a filter system with roasters larger than 2-3kg to ensure pressure drops can be counteracted and to enable consistent airflow through the roaster.

This system is specially designed to suit the requirements of coffee roasting and is very efficient.

This system can be installed inside or outside. For outside installation,  some weather protection is required.

*NOTE: For gas roasters the extraction fan will be required to be interlocked to the roaster to prove that it is running. This can be done with an air pressure switch.

**This product is manufactured to order with a lead time of 40-50 days from order. 


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