Ethiopia Sidamo Guji Uraga Wine Process (CM) Gr 1 Natural 500g


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Roasting March 28. Final roast of this wonderful bean

This natural process CM Sidamo just jumps out of the bag- even as a green coffee. It has received an 85+ point Talk Coffee very high specialty rating.

Carbonic maceration allows for a CO2 rich environment to encourage a different form of fermentation and development to take place. The result is heavily fruited, boozy coffee. It makes for an insane pourover and crazy affogato if you’re so inclined.

  • Grading: very high specialty
  • Notes: Boozy. Purple grapes and stone fruit. Sweet dark chocolate and hazelnut to finish
  • Body: medium
  • Acidity: wine like
  • Roast: filter/espresso
  • Drink: from day 2 filter, day 7 espresso


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