Make an offer on our roastery etzMax Plus W on demand grinder- ex demo

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Available for sale unmarked and for sale “as is” with 3 month parts and labour warranty. RRP is $4990.
Contact us to make an offer and if we like it, you will get a reply. If you hear nothing, it means your offer is unacceptable.

Supplied with standard and light burr set, but the cleaning brushes have walked. You’ll need to buy a 40mm bottle brush and an artist’s brush for cleaning.

Our preference is for collection in person, but shipping can be arranged if required.

Choice of standard of mini hopper- let us know which you would like. Grinder is 420mm high with mini hopper.

Our Plus W from our roastery- used sparingly for Saturday morning shots- which no longer happen under lockdown. Unmarked and <20kg of use.
3 month parts and labour warranty and for domestic use only. We have most of the packaging and will supply with medium and light burrset as well as instruction manual.

We hold plenty of spares for etzMax grinders, but this is our final unit. We “cherry-picked” for the Etzinger range and they have decided to appoint a Sydney importer who is prepared to sell the entire Etzinger range.


  • 3.8 – 5.0g / sec (when grinding for espresso)
  • Extended-Rush-Hour-Feature controlling heat level while under higher demand (reduced temperature rise, fast cool-down, low noise level)
  • Burr life-span: 1500-2000kg (depending on roast&setting)
  • Solid panel with round red/black START-button made of Aluminium
  • easy to adjust and clean (without tools)
  • Acaia powered intuitive weighing system
  • height: 52.5cm with standard 1000g hopper or 42.5cm with optional 200g hopper (+$100)
  • may be used as Single Dosing Grinder (minimum retention)

Etzinger’s vision simplifies grinding while at the same time ensuring maximum quality. Pulling great shots without wasting time nor beans need not be a science and every shop or restaurant serving coffee should be able to offer well-prepared, delicious espresso (fresh & fast) even without an experienced barista present.

Etzinger has designed their grinder be accessible with little effort, thus giving users the opportunity to easily maintain the the grinder. In addition it’s possible to replace components or upgrade to higher capacity versions* without the need for the services of a technician. Software upgrades will be ultimately be performed using an Android or Apple app.

Download a copy of the etzMAX brochure


  • Simple to adjust: Directly connected to the cone burr, the Etzinger micro-/macro adjust guarantees maximum possible accuracy as well as repeatability of grind settings.

  • Easy to clean: This unique allows rapid cleaning of the grind chamber in no time. After cleaning previous settings may quickly be restored.

  • Grind fresh: Due to minimal residual coffee in the system, the etzMAX represents one of the best on demand coffee grinding systems available on the market.
  • Easy to maintain: Spare-parts will be available online to promptly be replaced by users themselves with no external assistance required.

  • Precision: Micro/macro adjust and etzJET combined allow for maximum precision in grind dosing (T-version). The W-version features an implemented scale, consequently increasing precision by eliminating cycle variances.
  • Speed: 3.0g – 5.0g/sec (for Espresso – depending on setting/version)  A groundbreaking grinding mechanism- etzJET“ incorporates a rotating ring burr and a fixed cone burr allowing for the ground coffee to axially exit the grinder straight into the portafilter.


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