Flair optional and spare parts for Signature Pro only


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A variety of optional parts and replacement parts to suit Signature Pro only and obtained by special order only

Please check your model and choose carefully as there is no return on these parts unless defective.

We can obtain:

  • Filling funnel: The Filling Funnel for the Flair Espresso Maker helps you fill the portafilter straight from the grinder’s shoot, minimising spillage. Made of polycarbonate.
  • Second Shot Pro Kit with Screen: The PRO Second Shot Kit suits the Flair Espresso Signature PRO. This kit allows Flair users to easily pack a second shot, ready to be used immediately after pulling the first shot of espresso. Kit Includes: Stainless Steel Portafilter and PRO Dispersion Screen

  • Flair Signature Pro Dispersion Screen: Replacement Dispersion Screen for the Flair Signature PRO. This screen sits on top of the ground coffee in the stainless steel portafilter and aids in the equal distribution of brew water through the puck while brewing.


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