Gene Cafe Roaster




Please note that this item ships directly from importer, so a post option MUST be chosen. We supply this roaster with 2kg green beans to get you started.

The Gene Café home coffee roaster is one of the most significant advances in home coffee roasting to ever hit the market. A maximum batch size of 300g makes it one of the largest capacity home roasters in its class. It uses a unique patented off-axis method of mixing and heating the beans to produce a very even roast with excellent body without sacrificing brightness.

While it looks like a drum roaster, the Gene Café also shares some of the roast characteristics of a hot air roaster. If you are having a hard time deciding between the benefits of a hot air roaster (even roast, bright flavour) and a drum roaster (full body roast and larger capacity) then this roaster is a great choice. It’s available in black or red.


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