Gorilla Gear Mythos BLACK 75mm grinder burrs


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Gorilla Gear Mythos Black 75mm Burrs

The Mythos One is the current go to espresso grinder. Coffee bars all around the world are employing multiple Mythos grinders with Clima Pro technology aiming to increase consistency. Gorilla Gear pushed the bar a little higher with the new Mythos Black burrs. Developed to increase dose consistency and extraction, reduce static, clumping and increase the operating temperature stability and bring the higher taste quality and clarity to every cup.

All Gorilla Gear burrs are pre-seasoned during the manufacturing process. Once pre-seasoned they are post-hardened and then treated with a low friction coating to drastically reduce surface friction. This aids in reducing equipment operating temperature, static and excessive heat.


  • OD – 75mm
  • Holes – 3
  • Rotation – Right

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