Green Bean 1.2kg Fluid bed roaster


If you have ever thought about roasting your own coffee for your business then this roaster may be of interest. Here is a pathway to take control by roasting in-house with the only fully automated fluid bed bench top roaster currently available and certified for use in Australia.

Roasting is started with the touch of a button. Create theatre for your customers as they watch the coffee roast.

This roaster is designed and made in the US, specifically to meet the needs of busy café operators. The Green Bean Coffee Roaster allows you to produce fresh coffee easily, consistently, and economically.

These roasters come with a roasting profile inbuilt so all that’s required is to fill the chamber with quality green beans to produce an outstanding result. Roasting is very simple for beginners and the roaster also offers more advanced users the ability to play with profiles to create a truly unique product.

  • Roast 3kgs per hour
  • Roasts in under 18 minutes including cool down
  • Perfectly sized for cafes or home business
  • Create unlimited profiles
  • Works on Natural or LPG gas
  • Approved by AGA as a Type A appliance allow simple installation by your gasfitter
  • Food theatre & coffee aroma

Profile roasting:

All roasters are supplied with Advanced Definition Roasting (ADR). This allows you to upload your own profiles wirelessly to the roaster from a program you install on your PC.

Create your own custom roasting recipes or just use our pre programmed profile. The fundamental objective of good roasting should be to reveal the best flavours of any particular coffee. This is best achieved by roasting consistently in colour and time-temperature profiles designed to match the characteristics of a particular coffee. Having the ADR software means the roaster will follow your profile time and again to ensure consistency in the flavour of your coffee.

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