Handground precision coffee grinder- Reduced





This grinder was the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign and the grind mechanism and adjustment are both innovative and intuitive. We have found that the Handground is not really suitable for espresso/stovetop as grind time is long and the grinder often requires shimming. It works well for drip/pourover etc and is recommended over cheaper versions.

A diecast aluminium handle drives stainless steel gears and axles to transfer power directly from your arm to the 40mm conical ceramic burr mill and the body is made from BPA free plastics.

Handground drew inspiration from the focus ring on a camera lens so selecting the right coarseness level is simple. Choose from 15 coarseness levels by twisting the numbered ring. Each step raises or lowers the conical ceramic burr mill by 165 microns. Our opinion is that this grinder is best suited to manual methods of coffee making- less so for espresso. We found that the 2 included shims needed to be fitted to the grinder to go close to an espresso grind and then that the grind time was much too long at the fine particle sizes required. Grind consistency was however very good. Our opinion is that this grinder represents a significant improvement over the $60-$100 hand grinder range but those looking to espresso grind should choose an alternate grinder.

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