Hey Cafe H1 grinder- perfect for single dosing.





This grinder is all about fluffy, super high-quality grind. We rate it highly but it has sold slowly, so we are running it out at UNDER our wholesale buy price. You will never see this price again, because businesses can’t be sustained by losses. It’s a shame, because we truly love the grinder.

The HeyCafe H1 Coffee Grinder sits within a very special niche in the grinder market, equipped with large 64mm flat burrs and a precise digital grinding mechanism.

This belt-driven grinder has the capacity to grind very fine for espresso brewing and all the way to coarse for filter and cold coffee drip and is well-suited to cafes and home enthusiasts. The beauty of the belt is that heat from the motor is not transferred to the burrs delivering the ultimate in flat burr grind quality.

The H1 is equipped with an adjustable portafilter fork that and a dosing cup tray with a range of 18cm from the grind chute to either grind out hands-free into an espresso portafilter or  straight into chamber of your Aeropress or Delter. The H1 is brilliantly suited to single dosing as well with low retention.

This Chinese manufactured brand is a part of the Hemro group. The Hemro portfolio of companies includes Anfim, Ditting, HeyCafe and Mahlkonig. All brands are highly regarded and renown for outstanding grind quality.

With near zero grind retention, a unique digital grind size display and an extremely fast grind, the H1 this grinder is suited to those looking for a top end domestic unit or for use as a single origin or decaf grinder for cafes.

  • Burr diameter: 64 mm
  • Burr type: Flat
  • Burr material: Hardened steel
  • Grind speed*: 2.5 – 3.0 g/s
  • Bean hopper capacity: 0.38 kg
  • Power: 250 W DC Motor
  • Dimensions (l x w x h): 230 x 138 x 470 mm
  • Net weight: 6.5 kg
  • Gross weight: 7.8 kg




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