Hiku premium hand grinder


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The Hiku hand grinder is a precision engineered hand coffee grinder for the discerning coffee enthusiast. Reimagined and designed literally from the grounds up, Hiku was conceived to be the new premium benchmark that reflects an obsessive attention to detail for purpose-built coffee hardware.

Hiku perfectly blends precision with sophistication. Its tough, CNC machined aluminium body is subtly textured to feel absolutely great in the hand, while lending any countertop an air of elegance. The matching grind cup detaches with a satisfying twist and holds up to 50g of coffee; sufficient for 5 cups of pourover. An artfully sculpted walnut knob and machined handle make grinding a smooth and tactile experience.

Infinite Adjustment Choices

For all of its beauty, the inside of Hiku conceals numerous unique technical innovations: a brand new, industry-first seven fluted conical burr and patent pending shaft stabilisation system. These features work in conjunction with the aluminium chassis and food-safe stainless steel bearings to deliver a smooth grind that maintains perfect concentricity for absolutely class-leading grind particle size distribution.


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