Huskee cup and lid runout


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All $10: no packaging but brand, spanking new.

Huskee Cup is the coffee cup made from coffee!

As a solution for the 1.35 million tonnes of coffee husk generated globally from the production of coffee, the big brains at HuskeeCup have created a range of reusable, recyclable cups. They’re perfect as a traveller or in your home.

To manufacture the cup, coffee husks are blended with other materials such as eco-friendly polymers and dyes. A machine then presses the blended material into the design, with the result being durable, dishwasher-friendly and recyclable.

Traditional coffee cups are known to chip, are unsustainably sourced and quickly lose heat. HuskeeCup’s thermal protection is engineered to keep your coffee hotter for longer and is durable, sustainable and chip and crack resistant. The cup itself is custom designed for coffee drinking and is contoured for milk integration, with fins for grip and thermal dispersion.

Our Huskee cups are supplied individually as travellers with a matching lid. Choice of 8oz or 12oz in black or natural