Custom build La Marzocco GS3 by Specht Design


Talk Coffee is proud to be an appointed reseller for Specht design.

Chat to us and let us help you create your ultimate GS3. Please note that great art takes time. Allow 6-8 weeks for production. 

Please note that all Specht design products incur a 1.7% surcharge when paid via eWay using your card. This charge will be added to your official tax invoice and appear as a seperate charge to your chosen card.

Roll your own La Marzocco GS3- Specht design style!

We don’t sell a generic La Marzocco GS3, but we’ll happily look after you with a really great looking individual piece of coffee art  which will be the pride of your home.

Customisation options:

  1. Choose your model: MP (mechanical paddle) or AV (automatic volumetric)
  2. Choose your sides: in clear or tinted glass, maple, walnut or american oak or in aluminium
  3. Laser engrave your side panels
  4. Choose to powdercoat the body in a colour which rocks your boat
  5. Add a timber group cap
  6. Add a timber portafilter handle
  7. Add a timber steam toggle
  8. Add a timber paddle/actuator (MP only) – solid or with brass or copper insert and pins
  9. Choose black or white acetal for your handles, toggles, group cap and actuator
  10. Add brass, copper or gold highlights, this includes all screws, gauge bezels, group head bayonet ring and bolts, group spacer ring, GS3 badge “3″
  11. Add a dual pressure gauge mod (larger single gauge instead of the two smaller standard gauges)
  12. Add a side mount steam lever kit, including installation and handle
  13. Add a brass and timber GS3 badge
  14. Add a brass, copper or stainless steel La Marzocco badge
  15. Add solid aluminium sides with timber, glass, mirror or marble insert – These sides can be electroplated in brass, gold, copper, black chrome, chrome or be powdercoated and colour.

Download a GS3 product sheet



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