Mavam Espresso Two Group and Three Group




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The Mavam multi group espresso machine was designed to provide solutions for medium and larger sized coffee operations. It is available in brushed stainless or matte black finishes. Custom finishes are available at extra cost.

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  • Designed around modular components to allow for ease and flexibility in installation and servicing.
  • The machine’s interface can be installed up to 2 metres away from the modular boiler unit with no loss in thermal stability.
  • Each brew group has it’s own individual pump to allow for uninterrupted brewing pressure and individual pressure settings.
  • Individual brew group temperatures can be programmed through PID control on the boiler unit.
  • A large volume of high quality, dry steam is produced through a dedicated 11 litre boiler which also preheats the brew group water. Individual 500ml brew boilers for each group.
  • Steam is delivered through 12mm stainless steel cool touch steam wands which are fitted with a seal free ball joint to allow multiple steam wand angles.
  • The interface is fitted with individual shot timers and a two-step activation which allows full control of pre-infusion time independently of extraction time via waterproof rated momentary switches.


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