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The Mavam single group espresso machine was designed to provide solutions for small to medium sized coffee operations. It is available in brushed stainless or matte black finishes. Powdercoat and plated finishes are available at extra cost.

A 5.5 litre steam boiler combined with the 500ml brew boiler and patented temperature control system make for a hugely capable single group machine. While designed as a commercial machine, it fits nicely in homes of discerning coffee drinkers.

Temperature Stability

  • The temperature stability of a Mavam Espresso Machine is unparalleled. PID temperature control is employed to maintain temperature in multiple locations through the machine. A very stable brewing temperature environment is maintained over multiple brew operations.
  • Mavam espresso machines utilise a heat exchange type steam boiler and stainless steel brew boilers for each brew group

Heated Brew Group

  • The brew group is heated with a cartridge type heater that helps maintain brew temperature.

Low Flow Pre-infusion

  • The concept of pre soaking the bed of coffee at low flow for a predetermined set of time can affect coffee in many ways. Affecting acidity and body of the extraction are just a few of the desirable traits of preinfusion. Mavam employ a low flow 0.6mm flow restrictor at 2Bar.

Auto or Manual Extraction Modes

  • Choose between Manual or Chronomass time-based volume automatic brew function on the fly.

Digital display.

A  small 30mm digital display is located in front of the brew group and provides a readout of preinfusion time and full pressure brewing as well as the brew group temperature.

Dry Steam

  • Mavam employ a condensate removal system that keep the steam at the steam wands ready to go. Very little condensation will be purged from the wands before steaming.

Button Actuation

  • Low voltage waterproof buttons are used to access all functions.

Custom Steam Tips

  • Mavam designed steam tips to help create a better milk steaming experience for both new and seasoned baristas. The spin action created by the angle drilled holes allow the centre jet to add air creating a dense foam texture.

Custom machines?

  • We can do pretty much anything (at a cost!). Come to us with your ideas and let’s work together. We love custom machines!


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