Mazzer Kold S Electronic




This the new top level conical grinder as produced by Mazzer and it incorporates Mazzer’s stepless micrometrical grind adjustment for the perfect grind. Conical grinders are very fast and typical double shot grind time is around 3.75 seconds.

Improved performance over the Mazzer Robur is offered as the burrs are belt driven rather than driven directly by the motor and gearbox. As conical grinders run at lower r.p.m, there is less heating of the coffee and this arrangement reduces heating to an absolute minimum in super high volume cafes.


  • Micrometrical grinding adjustment with high precision numeric knob with lap counter.
  • Grind Flow Control System minimised clumping
  • On-demand grinding with electronic dose adjustment. Single, double, and triple dose buttons, programmable pause function during grind, manual grinding mode, time adjustment to a hundredth of a second.
  • 19 language electronic control panel, dose counters, ability to set up a maximum dose capacity.
  • Daily grinding Statistics.
  • Alerts on service needs.
  • IOT Connectivity.
  • Double ventilation device with electronic control to keep cool the motor and the grinding chamber.
  • Hand tamper and support for tamping are included.

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