Niche Zero grinder


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The Niche Zero is sold out in Australia- seemingly for good.

Having been one of the the initial crowd funders, we find this incredibly frustrating.

In 2017, we saw a good concept with a guaranteed Australian market and suggested that our importer friends at ECA chat with Niche founder Martin Nicholson. They did- and a deal was done. We all had the opportunity to purchase local product with local support.

More recently, we have no longer been able to purchase stock as Niche have decided to sell solely via their crowdfunding webpage. Deal = No Deal. The  Niche crowdfunding effort ended 3 years ago…

Those in Australia wanting a Niche must now purchase overseas with associated import costs and forgo their Australian Consumer Law rights to local warranty and parts support. The crowdfunding model does not guarantee supply. Our opinion is that this sales model represents poor support for Australian purchasers, not to mention poor form.

Whilst we will be providing after sales support for all Australian purchased product, we will check serial numbers of any grinder requiring service with the importer. If it’s a grey import, we will be refusing parts and service and instead refer the owners back to the manufacturer.



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