Niche Zero grinder


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If you’d like to consider two great alternatives to this grinder each with low retention and fantastic quality fluffy grind, we highly recommend the Eureka XL Single dose and the HeyCafe H1.

In 2017, we saw a good concept with a guaranteed Australian market and suggested that our importer friends at ECA chat with Niche founder Martin Nicholson. They did- and a deal was done. We all had the opportunity to purchase local product at fair prices and with local support.

Welcome to the wild, wild west.

More recently, we have no longer been able to purchase this grinder as Niche have walked away from the Australian importer and their appointed resellers. Until May 2021 they sold largely non-existent stock solely via their crowdfunding webpage. After what appears to be one of the longest product launches in history, Niche finally got themselves an e-commerce website.

Local Niche grinders are now sold in Australia as “grey imports” only via companies which want up to $2000 for one. They just buy them far cheaper (like you can) when there is available stock on the Niche website and then add a substantial margin to the price.

We won’t be doing that because it’s unethical.




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