Plus GEH 300 steam machine


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Please note that the Plus GEH 300 should be serviced at least once per year and it MUST be installed with a 350kPa pressure limiting valve and appropriate water softening filtration for the area where it will be installed. See our guide to filtration

The Plus GEH 300 steam machine helps busy cafes meet the demand of the Australian market for milk based coffees and infused teas. This steamer is perfect for the instant access to consistent hot water and an additional supply of powerful dry steam on demand.

The GEH 300 is ideal for preparing hot beverages or can be used to assist during times of peak supply for the preparation of textured milk for coffees. This high build quality, slimline, vertical boiler unit is suitable for tight spaces around the main espresso bar preparation area. The GEH 300 is also ideal for mobile carts and markets.

When installed, it can be used as the primary hot water supply to enhance the reliability and performance of the espresso machine.

It is easy to clean and complies with all food service standards. The GEH Plus 300 has a front facia of stainless steel and side panels of powder coated metal. It provides a dependable output for busy service areas.

Features include: 

  • Volumetric rotary pump for optional connection to external water reservoir / tank.
  • 13.5 litre stainless steel boiler capacity.
  • Choice of 10A or fast recovery high capacity 15A upgrade
  • Anti-vacuum valve.
  • Slimline and convenient size to fit in confined spaces.
  • Super-fast and hygienic.
  • Steam pressure gauge for monitoring performance.


  • Able to steam continuously.
  • A dispensed amount of hot water (up to 3 litres).
  • Patented safety electronic water level display, which controls boiler water automatically and a unique water level alert.
Model GEH 300
Dimensions 30cm x 44cm x 62cm (W x D x H)
Voltage 240V
Power 10/15 amp
Heating Element Wattage 2400/3600 w