PNG Nebilyer Valley AX 500g

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Roasted 26 October

We have really struggled in recent years to find the quality we look for in PNG and as a result, it’s been a long time since we have had one to offer you.

This washed coffee is grown in Papua New Guinea by a small holder farmer group and is processed at the Korgua wet mill for washing, drying and sorting. At each of these stages, quality control is monitored to ensure this coffee continues to build its reputation.

In the candy-like cup you may notice berry/mulberry, citrus, smooth chocolate and nuts

This Arabica coffee (a mix of bourbon and typica varietals) received a cupping score of 85- really high for a PNG.

It works beautifully as an espresso but complements milk perfectly as well. We’re thrilled to have a great PNG back on range.

Drink from day 7.



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